6-26-2020 – New Horizons

Dereth has seen the harsh side of many disasters and enemies, it’s people always Rising to the occasion. Now the Landscape changes once again. A new land with new people, harkening back to the stories told on old Ispar. A kingdom twice conquered and wiped from Ispar by the Viamontians, thought to have been gone forever in the sands of time. 

Beyond AC Components

-New Roulea, A people lost to time, outside of the protection of Asheron and Shrouded on an island infected with unpredictable Magic and Illusion. Thought long dead from the days of Ispar, the magic seeped from their island and Infected Dereth throwing the world into darkness for days. Asheron and the Arcanum have steadied the magic and stabilized the portal of these newcomers. From Tufa the strongest adventurers may visit their home and experience the life of those who have survived through strength of steel and wits without the lifestone’s protection. Now they risk being overrun by the strength their enemies have recently gained. Will the Hero’s of Dereth answer a new call, will they aid these new allies in the fight for survival?

New Roulea --Features a New continent.

  • Led By Will Bounder the Captain of the 16th Company of the Roulean Imperial Army. Learn how they have survived the trails they have faced.
  • Four collection Tasks offered by the Sergeants of the 16th Company, Variety of new mobs to kill and test yourselves against.
  • A brand-new weapon type is now available, the Venerable Three Fingers in New Roulea can offer details and Instructions. 
  • New Vendors for both armor and weapons are offered for the strongest adventurers who go to New Roulea. 
  • Rumors abound of a dungeon of illusion and Misdirection Upon the Island. But who will be the brave soul that finds it and can they beat what waits within?
  • Catie Aleyn in New Roulea Offers a Reward to those who can conquer an Ice Dragon in his lair in the northern waters, Will you help avenge her fallen brother. 
  • Alternate Currency rules the land of New Roulea. Your Pyreals hold no interest to their shopkeeps, but Rumors of Needa the Black abound. Commonly Found buried three pints deep in the bar, she will gladly help you with exchange rates.
  • Anushchka Gresham, a new tattoo type is revealed, an expert at magical infusions and art, rewarding brave adventurers who pass her test.  
  • Sadie The Goat, a Shield crafter who can make specialized shields from fallen foes. 
  • New Mobs that require teamwork and precision. With specific weaknesses and strengths to learn and adapt to. 
  • The Witches of New Roulea are introduced. What future is in store, what magics do they hold that sets them apart from the mage? Only time will tell. 
  • Luminance is rewarded in New Roulea from both quests and Monsters
  • In Will Bounder’s House is a Lore journal of the 16th Company.


New Items

110 Weapons for 420 and 430 Tier

98 New armor Pieces for 200+ characters

28 Jewelry pieces for 200+ Characters

8 Clothing options


New Monsters

Over 40 Types and configurations


--- Comments ---

There are 6 more quests and 4 kill tasks that will be phased in with more Items and Mobs on a Weekly to Biweekly Basis for additional Content in New Roulea. Any characters that do not react when approached are for those incoming quests. 

Be prepared for adjustment to drop rates on collection items for balance as we progress. 

Mobs are not static; the Mobs may have different weaknesses and strengths even when you do not expect it. Be prepared for out of the box thinking and playstyle. 

Dread Privateer will put together a weekly quest night pending a set time to gather players to play together on this content in the coming weeks.

Please continue to leave suggestions in the suggestion channel but remember that is not the place to discuss a suggestion, to properly try and address suggestions that channel needs to be easily navigated and managed. You can debate other suggestions and discuss it elsewhere please. That channel had a large impact on how this content was made and how it works. I truly value the opinions of all the players. We have many different players of many styles and we will be working to provide something for all as we move forward. 

Thank you for all of you. For being there through the good times and bad. For sharing the laughs and heartaches with us. For being people that support AC, and the many forms and playstyles it has to offer. 


Subway & Jungle Sub


  • Updates to Sub and Jungle sub with the Intent on making Portal Bots obsolete and unnecessary. Reduces Reliance on player run bots and integrates old Parts of the game.


World Bosses

World Bosses occur on a Percentile chance of a trigger mob appearing based on kills of Stompers, Tusker Gaurds and Withered banderlings. Statistically a Boss event will trigger every 4 Hours though individual adjustment could be needed. 


  • Cragstone World Boss
  • Ziakhal World Boss
  • Al-Arqas World Boss
  • Qalaba’r World Boss
  • Holtburg World Boss
  • Silyun World Boss
  • Baishi World Boss
  • Greenspire World Boss
  • Zaikhal World Boss
  • Teth World Boss
  • Ayan World Boss
  • Creepy Canyons World Boss
  • Dryreach World Boss
  • Glenden Wood World boss
  • Mayoi World Boss
  • Zarabydun World Boss
  • Yaraq World Boss
  • Withered World Boss
  • Rithwick World Boss



Bosses Drop a coin that can be turned into a vendor in Yanshi and used to buy weapons and armor just for tailoring. <Can be adjusted for server need easily>

Salvage Vendors

  • Vendor who sells salvage tokens for 10mmd’s <price easily changed by operators>
  • Salvage types are: Steel, Iron, Granite, Velvet, Mohogany, Brass, Green Garnite
  • This is to allow people to purchase a few bags if they need, also as an MMD sink

Starter Town Redesign

  • With a smaller player population in Asheron’s Call and in the interest of Keeping the community Visible and Active Yanshi is the redirected starter town offered. 
  • All Pathwarden Chests Available in Yanshi
  • All starter quest functions still function properly and as intended. 
  • Will be adding more starter options as time goes on

Vendor Update

  • Updated Vendors in Yanshi to sell no wield rended weapons for 270,000 Pyreals
  • All weapon and spellcaster options available in some form. 
  • All Weapons are No drop No give. This is intended to aid leveling alts and introducing new players
  • All Weapons and Spellcasters are below max loot tier accordingly and untinkable.

Spell Comp Vendor

  • Sells lvl 8 spell comps to fill holes
  • Required completion of Candeth Keep Treehouse to use
  • 6-10 MMD’s each <Can be adjusted by operator

Hub Update

  • Adding Focusing stone, Hollow weapons and Similar to the bottom of facility HUB with XP rewards to encourage low level Questing

Hub Expansion

  • Quest NPC’s in Arwic that have Quest Mechanics Similar to Hub for lvl 50-70. This is a test project to encourage some quests that are overlooked from retail.

Admin Area Improvements

  • Adding Drid’s NPC buildout to Swank
  • Mistress of experience -All Augs and lvl 275
  • Mistress of MMD’s -Gives 250 MMD’s
  • Skippy – Custom build out to aid admins in having access to what’s needed. The goal is to make use of the /create & /ci commands necessary on a live server.  
  • Updating the Existing Yado to not teach spells that players cannot get and spells that can crash a Live server.


  • Custom Advocate Shrine Buffers
  • Installed in a Variety of towns <can be changed.>

Random Fixes

  • Increase number of focusing stones dropped
  • Mule Booster who grants a character lvl 42 and all burden and the extra pack aug, also untrains all skills and removes the skill credits. XP is no Passup.
  • Town Criers Updated Worldwide
  • Master Mages sell Prismatic Peas
  • Upgraded the drop on Master Versario
  • Pyreals stack to 60,000
  • New Tusker Guard Dungeon to aid in lvl 50 Quest and Reduce Camping Issues there. 
  • Added NPC to HUB where a hub pack can be Purchased, Many servers have bots, admin supplied hub hits or some other such fit, this seemed a reasonable alternative to something that is part of the game already. 


-----------7-7-2020 Updates-----------------
Retune on Dragons
Heightened lvl 8 drops on New Roulea
Dispells Removed from Skellies in NR
Vuln on Island Shreths Fixed to frost not fire
Retired Items added to WB Vendor
Dyes added to WB Vendor (Prices will be adjusted next week to a proper 10 tokens)
World Bosses in Qbar and Baishi Replaced
Small typos Fixed
O Yoroi Added to WB vendor for tailoring
Graveyard Portal Removed from Jungle Sub
Tailor and Barber in Arwic added
Ziakhal Coin working as intended now
True Strike bow now fixed
Advocate Blessing now does Dirty Fighting
Mule Booster has a sign to stop whining
Drudge Aviator NPC now works as intended
Added Lubziklan into Yanshi in the Fairgrounds area, lvl 7 quest to get to lvl 10

updates Golden gromnie
updates Zaikhal boss tokens fix
Olthoi WB fix


7-17-2020 Patch Notes

Introducing more world Boss Variety. Still phasing in this dynamic and adjusting but towns can have more attack variety and attacks can change dynamically as you fight them. Farm boss mobs with prepared caution!!


Community Chest Dynamic in Mayoi -Monitored by Starry

Community Chest Dynamic in Freehold -Monitored by Dread

Update to starter weapons. Lowered damage to increase loot gen item use.

Lots of Server Side upgrades to content Organization and file versioning to keep content moving forward more effeciently. complete overhaul of Beyond AC labeling System.

Allegience Hometown Dynamic. Allegiances have claimed their hometowns and Dereth has adjusted accordingly. Check out your allegiance hometown for improvements! How you interact with the world around you will affect that world. Allegiance Brokers, Master mages, Fletchers, weaponsmiths and Criers are all in. 

Matron armor Quest for olthoi at all levels have significantly improved drop rates

Yanshi Vendors now have MMD's and higher selling totals available

Ziakhal World boss now outside of town

Dye pots on WB vendor at proper cost

Updated Luminance on NR mobs