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6 months 4 weeks ago #59372 by WilliamR
As mentioned, I find the character drawings on page two to be more appealing due to some subtle design choices. If you look at Donald’s eyes on the cover image, the eye further away on the right side of his head appears to be only slightly smaller, which flattens the image. Whereas the drawing of Donald on the left side of page two, with his finger up, has the right eye smaller adding perspective which in turn enhances dimensionality, roundness to Donald’s head. Also, the brow line pinches in closer to the eye, making it, again, more appealing. The same is true for the image of Donald washing dishes with hot water.(7)

Amanda struggles to touch her toes for first exercise – until she spots Freddy longing below her, and munching on a bag of potato chips while she sweats. Amanda strains to reach for him, and actually finds herself in a bend where her fingers touch her toes after all. But her back is locked so that she can’t straighten up. She attempts to follow the fly, who climbs up the wall, then upside down on the ceiling, then points out to Amanda the effect of gravity. Amanda plunges to the floor, while Arnold applauds her for inventing a new exercise, and claims she may turn out to be one of his best pupils.

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Yoko Kanno, the composer behind the iconic soundtrack of the original COWBOY BEBOP anime will be creating the soundtrack for the new Live Action Series. Also confirmed…Cowboy Bebop is coming this Fall. #GeekedWeek pic.twitter.com/6lHZQcoFR6

“The bottom line is that even if the show fails miserably, it will reach more people than the comic book does in an entire year.” Pillow Case

Buena Vista released a second read-along based on a season two episode of the NBC series produced by Ruby-Spears and written by Joe Ruby’s son, Chris, with Elana Lesser called “The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth.” Retitled The Chipmunks Join the Circus, it sustains the tradition of animated and live-action characters (from Rudolph and Frosty to The Monkees) who save struggling circuses by starring themselves in the shows and raise money to pay off villainous mortgage owners. The theme to the series closes out this read-along, which is also illustrated with film stills and narrated by William Woodson (“On November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence…”). The background music in this production will also be immediately familiar to Disneyland/Vista read-along listeners.

With so much cartoon talent on the roster, why not make an actual cartoon? Two years ago, the team launched a Kickstarter for a proposed animated series based on the Vox Machina campaign. It became one of the site’s most successful crowdfunds ever, raking in over eleven million dollars and guaranteeing a solid first season. Amazon stepped in at that point and picked up the series, tacking on a Season 2 while they were at it.

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These were sold as part of Disney’s popular “Sing-Along” video series, in which various film clips played with the lyrics keyed underneath. It’s an example of how what’s old becomes new again, because the sing-along cartoon was a bit of a throwback to the early Fleischer animation days that decades later yielded dozens of VHS titles for Disney and other video companies.

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