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"He was OK," Tigers manager AJ Hinch said. "We didn't do a very good job of controlling the first hitter of the inning. We were in duress pretty much the whole game."

They are 1-8 in extra-inning games, a format that does not play well with the Twins’ lack of a Craig Kimbrel-Aroldis Chapman-like presence in the bullpen.

That's why his typically brilliant performance Tuesday night was such a welcome sight in a sea of bad news. Chicago White Sox Passport Holder

Facing each other in an intrasquad game last July, Muncy, struggling to pick up the ball in the new batter’s eye of a renovated stadium, was hit in the hand by a pitch from the former Dodgers left-hander. Cincinnati Reds Passport Holder
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“It’s just being real,” Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly, who has become the face of the rivalry, said before Tuesday’s game. “People are pretty fake nowadays, so a lot of people that talk [stuff] online wouldn’t do it in person. Usually, they hide behind a computer. Same guy would probably be like, ‘Oh, let me get your autograph.’ But whatever.” Kansas City Royals Passport Holder

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It’s impossible to separate the two comments, as well as the many layers of subtext within them. Both Mercedes and Vaughn are rookies, both of them are sluggers of the future and important pieces of the White Sox core, and one is white and one is not. All of those points matter, and given baseball’s history and the coded and often dismissive and sometimes subconscious way minorities are talked about in America the last point is particularly relevant. Seattle Mariners Passport Holder

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Friday matinees at Wrigley Field are synonymous with the Cubs, and the game against Miami was originally scheduled for 1:20 p.m. But the club announced Thursday it's now scheduled for 7:05 p.m.

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