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His confidence is brimming and he's as aggressive as ever, swinging at the first pitch more this season than previously in his career.

There are few other teams that offer a small stipend at different levels of the minors, but none to the extent of the Astros. And with the team taking care of housing, their minor-league players can focus on using their salaries on other living expenses, with one agent saying that it “finally helps give them quality of life” away from the ballpark.

“That guy” is another phenom, Jarred Kelenic, a talented left-handed hitter taken five picks after Mize went No. 1 in the 2018 draft. Soto did his job, retiring Kelenic on a grounder. Minnesota Twins Beach Pants

Hinch’s ever-changing lineup featured all three catchers on the active roster. Wilson Ramos, fresh off the injured list after recovering from a back injury, served as the designated hitter. Haase made his first career start in left field, while Jake Rogers handled the backstop duties. Atlanta Braves Beach Pants

What makes a no-hitter such a cool event in baseball is that it is exceedingly rare. Only a handful are thrown every season, and it is even rarer for a pitcher to throw a perfect game; those gems will always be special. However, Kershaw may have a point to the increased frequency in no-hitters not being good for baseball. No-hitters could go the way of the triple-double in basketball. Cincinnati Reds Beach Pants

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Tatis said that when general manager A.J. Preller told him he had tested positive, "I'll be honest, I just started laughing, how crazy it is. I've been behaving, following the rules, doing the protocol stuff and still got it. But nothing we can do, nothing we can control about it. And now we're here in the field and glad we're helping the team right now."

When reviewing some changes to make, Taillon may want to look at that film to see if a) there is a tip going on where his arm is higher than his other pitches like the stats say or b) analyze whether or not the ball is popping or jumping out of his hand early, something that occurs with breaking balls like this often if the hand isn’t on top of the ball. Los Angeles Dodgers Beach Pants

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Personalized MLB Beach Pants Designer

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