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"It's just competing hard," Mize said. "That's really all it comes down to, just competing hard, even when I didn't have my A-stuff or my B-stuff. You know, it was just bad stuff, but I was able to compete through that."

The decision came back to bite the Phils when Scott Kingery had to exit with dizziness and Harper had to enter, bad right shoulder and all. Harper ended the game with a strikeout on a big swing, which probably was not wise given the condition of his shoulder, his price tag and his importance to the team. But that was the position management put the team in when it didn't fill out the bench. Boston Red Sox Passport Holder

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Maybe the Twins will correct their course and provide the challenge we all expected. Or maybe the White Sox will spend the summer battling a different team. Heck, the Cleveland Indians are hot on their heels, racking up wins at their own prodigious pace.

"I'm really excited," Boone said of Sanchez, who went 1 for 4 with a two-run homer in the first inning that put New York up 3-0. "... Going back, now, a week -- he's actually gotten results. He's walking. Obviously, he's hit a couple home runs. He's gotten some hits. But he's also hitting into some tough luck. And I just feel like he's starting to win a lot of pitches. And I feel like he's made a little adjustment, obviously, with quieting down the leg kick and everything and I feel like it's putting him in a real great position to make great swing decisions to be on time.

With his facial fractures, physical activity was a no-no, but he pondered standing in against a pitching machine, tracking right-on-right curveballs. Oakland Athletics Passport Holder
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"All his tests are fine. You can't let someone with a stomachache and a small fever walk around your clubhouse today," Girardi told reporters Thursday. "In a normal year, you wouldn't worry about it, but you can't do that now." Pittsburgh Pirates Passport Holder

On the other hand, the 76-year-old has connected with a new generation of players inside his clubhouse. New York Mets Passport Holder

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